Saturday, February 7, 2009

New Mansion

So far as I know, this mansion, built about a year ago, is still for sale - $1.3 million, I believe. It is located in Ocala's historic district, on Southeast 5th Street.


Jerez Sherry said...

Boy, you get a lot more for a million than is gotten here, Next door a man built a house on a lot in a ditch ( I call it, the lot goes down to the front door) And it takes up the whole lot...not to mention is 4 bedrooms..for a million.

I am wondering how large this place is,a nd how large the lot is.
Nice place...if I win the lottery, I'll come look at it..

Lowell said...

Hi Sherry...

Actually, the house is $1,475,000, and it's been for sale over a year. The main house has 3 bedrooms and 3 baths; it includes a study, media room, marble floors and counter tops, 3 A/C units, 2 TVs, heated pool and whirlpool.

In back there is a 2-room cabana with full bath which could be used as a guest house. There's also a matching workshop/storage building with water and electric.

The lot is between 1-2 acres. The main house has 3930 sq. ft. under a/c.

Thanks for writing...c'mon back!

Lowell said...

Oh Sherry...I liked your blog and immediately bookmarked it!

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