Saturday, October 27, 2018

Jody and the Flint Creek Outfitters

I am back, at least temporarily.  A variety of health issues have made blogging impossible for the past few months, but things are looking up now.  I just don't know how long the present situation will last.  It is good to be back and to see so many familiar blogs and friends still blogging away.

The gentleman in the first photo above is Jody.  He's an employee of Flint Creek Outfitters in the Heathbrook Outdoor Mall.  Flint Creek sells most everything one would need to spend time outside in the woods or the mountains or on a trail.  Their goods are not inexpensive but are of high quality.

Jody works in the Flint Creek bicycle shop.  He is a fascinating young man and is what's considered a long-haul bicyclist.  His bike, pictured here, is just about ready for a long ride; it is loaded with water, food, a tent, all the utensils one would need, medical supplies, etc.  When we met him, Jody was planning a 200-300 mile ride across Georgia and Florida.  

Jody is also active in a religious group known as Church in the Garden which is for the "housed" and the "unhoused".  They take their religion out of the building and put it into practice by providing food and clothing and haircuts and all kinds of other assistance for people in need, many of which are living on the street.

You can learn more about all of this here:, and

Please Google Flint Creek Outfitters for more info on that operation.  

The bikes you see in the last photo were, as I recall, made in Spain.  They are quite expensive but exquisitely created.


Taken For Granted said...

Lowell, delighted to see you back blogging. Hope your health issues have healed so you can get back to your photography. I have always liked bicycle riding and use to go long distances, but not so now. Bike shops are always tempting. The right number of bikes to own is one more than you currently have.

Vicki said...

Jody sounds like a really good person.

I've seen some very expensive bikes but for right now I'm happy with mine that only cost a few hundred. But, a 200-300 mile ride sounds awesome!

Sharon said...

First of all, so glad to see you back online. I've been thinking about you lately and wondering how you were doing.
Jody seems like a very nice guy, adventurous as well as kind hearted. The perfect combination. All those bicycles made me think of my trip to Italy. We were in a city with a factory that makes some very expensive bikes (the name escapes me right now). Apparently they are popular for racing because they are so light weight yet very durable.

William Kendall said...

That's quite a serious bike shop. It is good to hear from you. I hope the health issues sort out.

RedPat said...

Hurray! What a pleasant surprise to see your post! It is so good that you are feeling better and are out and about a bit. Looking at bikes no less! Welcome back, Lowell!

Small City Scenes said...

Oh my!!! Good to hear things are looking up for the time being and for longer too.
Good to see you blogging also---therapeutic ya know--LOL

Bill said...

Nice to see you back again. It's been awhile, glad your health is improving and I hope it will continue to improve for you.
Take care, my friend!

Lois said...

Welcome back Lowell! I can't tell you how happy I am to see you blogging again my friend. I have missed your photos! Thank you so much for reaching out to me after the hurricane. It meant a lot.

This young man looks like such an interesting person! I have a friend who has biked across America three times and the last time he did it, I got to see him when he passed through Tallahassee.

Marleen said...

Welcome back Lowell, so happy to see you again. I'm sorry to hear about your health problems, hopefully things will turn out fine for you.

magiceye said...

Wonderful to have you back in the blogging world! Best wishes for a quick recovery from your health issues.

GreensboroDailyPhoto said...


So glad to see you are back! Hope your health holds up. Our health is the most important thing in life!


Kay said...

Welcome back, Lowell! I hope we'll be able to see you around here for a while. You haven't asked my permission but I don't recommend your joining Jody for his jaunt.

Francisco Manuel Carrajola Oliveira said...

Muito bem vindo meu amigo.
Um abraço e bom Domingo.

Dedais de Francisco e Idalisa

Andy said...

Awesome! Glad you are back!

Kate said...

I like people who "walk the talk!" Kudos and hats off to Jody. Looks like a bike shop I could spend a lot of time in. Lowell, my good ex-Minnesotan friend. I am reaching across cyberspace to give you a big hug. Stay healthy and happy!!

Laura. M said...

I'm glad to see you again here, friend. This is a good sign that your health has improved.
Good bike shop. A son of mine works at Trek Bicycle Corporation. He is responsible for the demo department for Spain. and composes Alberto Contador 's bikes 😊
I wish you a good Sunday.
Un abrazo.

boromax said...

Great to see you appear on my Reading List again, Lowell. May your strength return in full and may you be able to enjoy everything you want to see and do.

Jody said...

What a great blogspot. Thank you so much. I passed it onto my friends. Stop in anytime. And I’m glad to see you’re feeling better and back to your usual self.

stardust said...

Dear Lowell - Your visit to my blog made me realized your return. Thanks for that. Nice to know your health issue have been resolved. Looking around, there seem to be no one who are free from health troubles including me. I think getting along with them, with medication if necessary, would be no bad. Hope your health is still in better condition, supported by the loved ones, good laughs (including your sense of humor), balanced diet, tuning into nature, and so on.


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Lowell -- I am so glad to see you back and happy to see you pop up on my Feedly, which I haven't had time to check since -- well, whenever you posted this first return post. I have my fingers crossed that as I catch up from here all your health news will be good. Stay well my friend!

And oh yes, the post itself: That fellow's church is the kind that could make me become churched again (if I weren't so old and lazy).

"Photographers deal in things which are continually vanishing and when they have vanished there is no contrivance on earth which can make them come back again." — Henri Cartier-Bresson